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intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard

Version 1.2 Release Date

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Release Notes iiRDS

[IIRDS-125] Fragments not restricted to XML

[IIRDS-146] Classes are not disjoint

[IIRDS-191] Language-specific title of InformationUnits

[IIRDS-218] Wrong mime type in EXAMPLE 5

[IIRDS-219] Events: Wrong cardinalities and properties

[IIRDS-236] Remove namespace from @iirds:class

[IIRDS-252] Wrong mime type definition in specification

[IIRDS-255] Wrong description in chapter "Proprietary Property"

[IIRDS-259] Add example with Productfunction and ProductProperty

[IIRDS-260] Add skos labels in iiRDS Terms Domain, harmonize with IEC 82079-1, ISO/CD 24183 terminology

[IIRDS-273] Correct use of ProductVariant und Identity

[IIRDS-274] Incorrect description (cardinality for property duration) of class iirds:MaintenanceInterval

[IIRDS-278] Clarify docking point vs extensions of non-docking-point classes

[IIRDS-283] Specification uses iirds:applicable-to-document-type property instead of iirds:is-applicable-to-document-type

[IIRDS-297] Check ECLASS linking options

[IIRDS-306] iirds:description has domain iirdsDomainEntity

[IIRDS-308] DocumentTypes not extendable?

[IIRDS-310] Wrong encoding for monospace font

[IIRDS-314] iiRDS Spec 1.1 links to old rdf files on top of the page