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iiRDS in International Standardization

Voting on the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) has ended March 30, 2023.

4/17/2023 - The iiRDS Consortium has written a PAS describing the iiRDS information flow and metadata models, including further information annexes on iiRDS metadata and information exchange scenarios. This PAS was submitted to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and commented on. The comments were discussed within IEC/TC3/WG28 with convenor Dr. Michael Fritz and resubmitted for voting in December 2022. The voting period concluded at the end of March 2023, and we are pleased to announce that the PAS has been accepted. The Working Group 28 will now incorporate the final editorial comments and we expect the IEC to publish the PAS during the summer of 2023.

The goal of a PAS is to accelerate standardization in areas of rapidly evolving technology and, in general, to respond to an urgent market need. It defines good practice for a process and provides an effective means of demonstrating the integrity of an innovation or approach. This is our first step in establishing iiRDS in international standardization.

Further steps will follow in collaboration with the Digital Data Chain Consortium (DDCC). Due to the established standardization work of tekom in IEC/TC3, an obvious step would be the further standardization of iiRDS as a new part of 82079. Further information on the PAS and our next steps in international standardization will follow in the upcoming months.

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