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... Defines Metadata for Making Information Requests


... Defines the Packet Format for Dynamic Information Delivery


... is an Open Source Project run by tekom, the Largest International Professional Association for Technical Communication

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Visual Explorer for iiRDS

The Visual Explorer for iiRDS - Browsing and Understanding iiRDS Live, Interactively and in Color.

Visual Explorer for iiRDS

iiRDS is a big topic in Technical Communication, but getting into the details might be a bit dry. You can use the visual explorer for iiRDS for an interactive journey into visually presented intelligent information.

This image gives you a first impression of how the Visual Explorer for iiRDS looks like:

• Navigate a 3D representation of the official iiRDS Sample Content

• Display topic content

• Display a 3D table of contents

• Show relations to components or qualifications

• Add a second iiRDS package and show which topics match in between the packages

So, this little app can help you understand what is inside such an iiRDS package. If you want to dig a bit into detail, take a look at the talk "iiRDS browsen und verstehen – live, interaktiv, in 3D und in Farbe" at the digital tcworld conference 2020.

The Visual Explorer for iiRDS is open source. So, if you want to dig even deeper:

• Get the main app file on gitlab

• Download the official iiRDS Sample content, unzip it and open the file metadata.rdf in an XML-editor

• Get the iiRDS standard

• Open the visual explorer for iiRDS 

Then you can see that even with less than 1000 lines of Python code we can

• Use SPARQL to query relationships

• Use Xpath to extract node data

• Massage the data until it fits into display using the framework Plotly Dash even when not being a professional developer.

The Visual Explorer for iiRDS was developed by Falk Walter.