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From Then until Now

The Information 4.0 working group in tekom started working on iiRDS back in 2016. With the first official release of version 1.0 coming out, the tekom working group will finalize its work – having brought iiRDS to life. The maintenance and further development of iiRDS will be a long-term commitment going beyond a regular tekom working group.

Since January 1, 2018, the iiRDS Consortium has taken over from the Information 4.0 working group in order to manage the project’s further progression. With the iiRDS Consortium, we look forward to a greater structure with manifold resources and opportunities in order to grow, develop, and lead iiRDS on its new way. This means being a pioneer in one of the most promising and exciting fields of our time, Industry 4.0.

The iiRDS Consortium has a steering committee and working groups in which members can participate strategically and operationally. Further information on the steering committee and the working groups is available here.

Consortium Members

Here, you can find the members of the iiRDS Consortium. We are happy to be able to count on the expertise and know-how of every one of them – because this is how iiRDS will be developed and shaped according to the needs of its users.

We are happy to welcome new members! If you are interested in how to become a member, click here.

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The iiRDS Consortium with its 27 members is responsible for the further development of the standard. Contact us to actively shape the standard!

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iiRDS Explanatory Video

The video explains the aims of the Consortium and how the Consortium is organized.

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