Dive in and discover the iiRDS Open Toolkit

The iiRDS Open Toolkit

Not too much and not too little – the iiRDS Open Toolkit is the solution to getting first experiences and successes with iiRDS. Well-known technologies, intuitive handling, and a lot of knowledge in the backend of the tool contribute to this. The new application facilitates the first steps and experiences in practice.

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How It Works

The iiRDS Open Toolkit enables you to tag content quickly and easily with iiRDS metadata and export an iiRDS-compliant package.

The iiRDS Open Toolkit guides the user through a workflow with four steps. To allow access from anywhere, the tool runs entirely in the browser. It requires a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in its current version.

The Open Toolkit is structured so that the files do not leave the user's computer. In addition, users do not need an account and can start right away. This provides a high level of data security. At the same time, this also means that the tool does not save old versions and cannot open them. If a workflow is started, it must be completed within the session and the iiRDS package created in the last step must be downloaded directly.

Only basic settings are saved locally. These include the language and the display of the page help. These settings can be reset to the default settings via the menu. As there is no data exchange with the server, the Open Toolkit is also suitable for sensitive data.

For experts, a function is available to download metadata they have created themselves in the Open Toolkit and upload it into a new workflow. Furthermore, the iiRDS Open Toolkit offers the option to process complete HTML packages in the form of ZIP files.

Four Simple Steps

To use the iiRDS Open Toolkit as intuitive as possible, four simple steps are followed:

  1. Welcome
  2. Add content
  3. Assign metadata
  4. Generate iiRDS package

On most pages, a page help is displayed to help beginners, which can also be removed for more advanced users.

Blog Article: iiRDS Open Toolkit

The two companies involved in the development of the iiRDS Open Toolkit wrote a blog entry which gives a short introduction to the tool.

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