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What tools does the iiRDS Consortium provide and how do they work?

iiRDS Open Toolkit

Not too much and not too little – the iiRDS Open Toolkit is the solution for getting first experiences and successes with iiRDS. Well-known technologies, intuitive handling, and a lot of knowledge in the backend of the tool contribute to this. The application facilitates the first steps and experiences in practice.

iiRDS Open Toolkit

iiRDS Validation Tool

Some iiRDS packages generated contain errors because the export functions of some authoring tools or content management systems do not generate complete and/or correct packages. In addition, some metadata.rdf files are created manually and may contain errors. As a solution, a validation tool has been developed that allows authors and providers to check iiRDS packages for correctness.

iiRDS Validation Tool

iiRDS Request API

The Request API enables access to data via iiRDS and provides system providers and programmers with a standardized interface that ensures modern and up-to-date functionality to support seamless integration.

iiRDS Request API

iiRDS Plugin for DITA Open Toolkit

With this plugin, the Consortium provides an easy-to-use and customizable tool to enable many international DITA users to easily generate iiRDS packages from the DITA environment

iiRDS Plugin for DITA


Is there funding and project documentation to help get started with iiRDS?

Pilot Projects

The iiRDS Consortium is funding a limited number of pilot projects each year to help companies get started in the world of intelligent information. Applications typically open in the spring. More information on funding and the projects funded can be found here.


Best Practices

On this page, you can find various best practice examples from iiRDS implementations. The best practice examples were provided by iiRDS Consortium members.


Further Information on iiRDS

Exchanging DITA Content Using iiRDS

In the following, we provide a brief overview on the exchange of DITA content using iiRDS. The iiRDS Consortium is working to increase compatibility with DITA with an iiRDS plugin for DITA-OT. More information will follow late in 2023.


Further Information on the Open Toolkit and the Validation Tool

Blog Article: iiRDS Open Toolkit

The two companies involved in the development of the iiRDS Open Toolkit have written a blog entry which gives a short introduction to the tool.

Check out the iiBlog!

Validation Tool Presentation

The Validation Tool was first introduced at the tcworld conference on November 9, 2022.

Watch the presentation

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