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iiRDS Webinars and Recordings

The iiRDS Consortium, in collaboration with tekom Europe, has organized a free 2023 webinar series to inform companies about iiRDS and the iiRDS Consortium – our goals, benefits, projects and use cases.

So far, there have been webinars on the introduction and implementation of iiRDS. At the tcworld conference, the iiRDS Consortium presents the latest developments as well as use cases.

If you missed the conference or a webinar, you can watch the recorded sessions online in our iiRDS YouTube channel.

These videos provide insights into the benefits and use of iiRDS

iiRDS Introduction Video

iiRDS is the standard that enables dynamic information request and delivery in the era of the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0. The video gives a short introduction into the standard and explains the aims of the iiRDS Consortium which is responsible for the development of the standard since 2018.

iiRDS Explanatory Video

Experts on the Standard at the iiRDS Café

Some iiRDS experts gathered together at the iiRDS Café which took place at the tcworld Conference in Stuttgart, 2019. As part of this event, we asked some members of the iiRDS Consortium how they see the standard for intelligent information request and delivery and its future potential.

iiRDS Café

Introducing iiRDS

Recording of the webinar introducing iiRDS with Ulrike Parson, member of the iiRDS steering committee. The respective parts of the edited recording can be found in our iiRDS YouTube channel, starting with part 1.

  • About intelligent information

  • About iiRDS

  • iiRDS metadata

  • iiRDS in practice

  • Tools for iiRDS

  • iiRDS Consortium

Part 1 on Intelligent Information

Implementing iiRDS

This webinar with Consortium member ICMS focuses on providing insights into the practical application of iiRDS.

  • iiRDS basics

  • Steps in implementing iiRDS

  • Preparation and application of metadata

  • Industry use cases

  • Typical pitfalls and lessons learned

Implementing iiRDS

iiRDS in the Knowledge Graph

This webinar with Consortium members parson and Empolis Information Management explains what needs to be considered when implementing iiRDS in knowledge graphs. iiRDS is a vocabulary for technical communication. In order to implement semantic applications in companies, additional standardized vocabularies are required, e.g. for product classification and marketing. Using selected use cases, we show the benefits of iiRDS in a company.

iiRDS in the Knowledge Graph

These videos provide insights into developments, tools and use cases

Publishing with iiRDS from DITA

On March 22, 2024, tekom-iiRDS released an OT plugin that can be used to generate iiRDS packages from standard DITA. In the recording of the webinar hosted by STC New England on March 26, Ulrike Parson and Marion Knebel from parson AG show how you can use the plugin in your DITA environment.

Presentation on YouTube

Latest Developments presented at tcworld conference 2023

This video provides an update on the developments of iiRDS in 2023 including the introduction of the iiRDS version 1.2, international standardization with the publication of IEC PAS 63485:2023 and gives an outlook for 2024 presented by the Steering Committee Coordinator and the Working Group Conveners.

Presentation on YouTube

Use Case 2023: Danfoss goes iiRDS

Danfoss selected a DITA-based CCMS and based the metadata model on iiRDS right from the beginning. Learn about their path from idea to implementation in IXIASOFT CCMS and the challenges in developing and implementing a metadata model supporting a content delivery strategy for digital product information as well as the expected benefits.

Presentation on YouTube

Use Cases at tcworld conference 2022

Consortium members show the integration of iiRDS into different systems and as a possible basis for the representation of content and metadata of technical documentation in the digital information twin.

Presentation on YouTube

iiRDS Validation Tool

Launch of the iiRDS Validation Tool at the tcworld conference on November 9, 2022, in Stuttgart.

Tool Introduction

Recorded presentations about iiRDS in German

Pilotprojekt: Siemens Energy

Viele Silos, verschiedene Konzepte, ein Datenjungle. Bei Siemens Energy sollen Inhalte aus verschiedensten Quellen standardisiert werden. Das heißt Metadaten harmonisieren und ein gemeinsames Datenformat finden. Wie Siemens Energy diese Aufgabe durch Einsatz von iiRDS angeht, zeigt dieser Vortrag.

Use Case Siemens Energy

Pilotprojekt: Heller

Wie kann es gelingen, viele Datenquellen aus dem gesamten Unternehmen mittels iiRDS für ein CDP zu vereinheitlichen? Sind die in iiRDS vorgesehenen Metadaten ausreichend oder ist es notwendig iiRDS an gewissen Stellen individuell zu erweitern? Dieser Vortrag beleuchtet das Vorgehen, die angewandte Strategie und das Ergebnis bei Heller. 

Use Case Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik

iiRDS-Mythen entlarvt

iiRDS ist zu kompliziert, zu akademisch, passt nicht zu meinen Metadaten und ist durch die rasante Entwicklung der KI überflüssig? In einem humorvollen Vortrag hat Empolis einige dieser gängigen Irrtümer über iiRDS zusammengetragen und aufgeklärt.

iiRDS MythBusters in German

iiRDS Use Cases at tekom 2022

Mitglieder des iiRDS-Konsortiums demonstrieren in Kurzvorträgen den Praxiseinsatz von iiRDS. In dem Video werden „Best Practices“ und „Lessons Learned“ aus iiRDS-Einführungsprojekten vorgestellt.

Use Cases in German

Information Dynamics with iiRDS as added value of VDI 2770

In the past years, the iiRDS Consortium maintained a continuous cooperation with VDI 2770 with the aim of bringing both standards in line. A small extract of this was presented at the virtual expert forum organized by the VDI for the launch of the VDI 2770: with the example of the iiBot, the added value that iiRDS brings to VDI2770 was displayed.


Presentation in German

How our documentation learned to speak

Using a documentation for a chatbot, is that even possible? The iiBot, a chatbot project leaning on iiRDS, was developed in cooperation of several companies of the iiRDS Consortium in 2019. This presentation held by the involved companies is an introduction into the project how the iiBot learned to speak and was recorded at the virtual tekom SummerCon 2020.


Presentation in German