iiRDS plugin for DITA Open Toolkit


iiRDS Plugin for DITA Open Toolkit

On this page, you can find the iiRDS Plugin for DITA that was published on March 22, 2024.

This plugin is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, see LICENSE file in the plugin distribution.

Below is a brief overview of the characteristics and installation of the plugin. In the plugin documentation, you will find more detailed information, for example on the architecture and installation (offline and from the DITA-OT registry).

General Information

  • The plugin generates iiRDS packages from a DITA map or a single topic
  • The resulting file is "<file name of map or topic>.iirds"
  • DITA-OT transtype: "iirds"
  • Content is rendered as HTML5
  • Parameters of the "html5" transtype can be used to customize HTML output
  • Requires DITA-OT version >= 3.7.3, not tested with DITA-OT 4.x


To install from DITA-OT plugin registry, run "dita install org.iirds.dita.package".

Connect iiRDS with DITA-OT

Download the zip file with the plugin and documentation here.

iiRDS Plugin for DITA-OT



Creating iiRDS Packages

Use the transtype "iirds" in the call of the "dita" command.
Either a map or single topic can be provided as input to the transformation.


Use the following dita command line optional parameters to influence the iiRDS transformation:

  • "--args.outext" defines the filename extension of HTML files in the iiRDS package (see also HTML5 plugin). Example: "--args.outext=htm"
  • "--iirds.contentpath" defines the name of the folder in the iiRDS package containing all content files. When not set, "content" is used. Example: "--iirds.contentpath=files"
  • "--iirds.metadatahandler" defines which iiRDS metadata handlers to be used for metadata extraction from DITA. When not set, all known iiRDS metadata handlers are applied. The parameter value is a + separated list of iiRDS metadata handler names. Example: "--iirds.metadatahandler=shortdesc+prodname".
  • "--iirds.irihandler" defines which IRI handlers to be used for assigning IRIs to metadata, information units and information objects. The parameter value is a + separated list of IRI handler names. Example: "--iirds.irihandler=default".


This plugin is open source and also available at GitHub. In addition to the iiRDS plugin for DITA-OT, you can also download an iiRDS Sample Extension Plugin to see how the functionality of the iiRDS plugin can be extended. The iiiRDS plugin provides extension mechanisms via Java SPI architecture and the extension point mechanism of DITA-OT.

Webinar on Plugin

In this webinar hosted by STC New England, after a brief introduction to iiRDS, parson AG will show you how to use the plugin in your DITA environment.
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Further information

Read this article written by the developers about the plugin in the April issue of tcworld magazine.

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