Best Practices

On this page, you can find various best practice examples from iiRDS implementations. The best practice examples were provided by iiRDS Consortium members.

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Use iiRDS company-wide – Expanding metadata and data sources sensibly

The iiRDS pilot project of Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH and plusmeta GmbH shows the extension of the iiRDS metadata model in order to manage data in a content delivery portal that cannot be labeled with iiRDS standard metadata and thus to enable a company-wide use of iiRDS.

Best Practice: Heller and plusmeta (Status: 2023-11-15) (German version)

Danfoss goes iiRDS: Moving to a standard-based metadata model

The pilot project from Danfoss and parson AG shows the use of iiRDS in Ixiasoft CCMS and how iiRDS metadata is used to classify DITA topics and maps.

Best Practice: Danfoss and parson (Status: 2023-09-20)

Information 4.0: How HOMAG uses information from system control documentation

The best practice from HOMAG and c-rex.net reports on the interaction of iiRDS and DITA.

Best Practice: HOMAG and c-rex.net (Status: 2021-03-29)

Rexroth Product Information Portal – The fast way from PDF to CDP

The best practice from Bosch Rexroth and Ingenieurbüro Katzenmeier reports on their experiences with a content delivery project and the basic steps to implement it in a short time.

Best Practice: Bosch Rexroth and Ingenieurbüro Katzenmeier (Status: 2020-07-21)

Empolis and plusmeta: Add supplier documentation to a content delivery portal with service information

The best practice from Empolis and plusmeta demonstrates how supplier documentation can be added to a content delivery portal with service information.

Best Practice: Empolis and plusmeta (Status: 2020-07-09)

SIKiiRDS - The Siemens Digital Industries Pilot Project

The pilot project at Siemens Digital Industries aims at a prototypical creation of iiRDS packages and an evaluation of the customer view.

Pilot Project: Siemens Digital Industries (Status: 2019-11-14)

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Pilot Project Funding

The iiRDS Consortium funds pilot projects each year to help companies get started with iiRDS.

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