InterOpera Project "iiRDS Handover Documentation"

09.10.2023 17:00 Uhr

With a presentation on the Asset Administration Shell submodel project "iiRDS Handover Documentation" (now "Intelligent Information for Use") in Industrie 4.0, the InterOpera project was concluded in June. The organizer has now also put the project profile and the specification of the submodel online.

Several members of the iiRDS Consortium were strongly engaged in the InterOpera Working Groups of “iiRDS Handover Documentation” to develop a submodel of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS). Assets in the AAS can communicate automatically. The AAS is the basis for interoperability and is the digital twin of, for example, a networked machine or plant. It provides a standardized semantic and technical mapping between the assets and the software systems involved. Simply put, different data formats are serialized and standardized so that they can be exchanged with stakeholders along the value chain. The introduction and use of AAS, particularly in production, is thus an important milestone in fully exploiting all the potential of Industrie 4.0 and increasing productivity and efficiency. However, to achieve this goal, interoperability is needed to network assets as easily and completely as possible. Currently, many partly proprietary, highly specialized digital solutions can be found in production, but these are only standardized to a limited extent and can only be duplicated. The InterOpera project addresses exactly this issue by driving the development and standardized implementation of AAS submodels for priority industries, use cases and knowledge domains.  

In the final presentation in June, the submodel project leaders Jan Oevermann and Eva-Maria Meier from plusmeta presented the results of the submodel project "iiRDS Handover Documentation". This submodel enables the cross-manufacturer exchange of technical documentation. The technical documentation is thereby transferable as intelligent information, i.e. the contents are modular, semantically rich and exchangeable in different media formats as well as in media-specific compilations. Compared to the conventional document-based exchange of technical documentation, dynamic, structured and intelligent transmission is made possible, which can provide content for users in a user-oriented form. This includes usage scenarios in Industrie 4.0, websites, mobile apps, portal applications and display on HMIs. Relevant information can be displayed to users at the right time, in the right context, in the right format, and on the right device.

This was a German-speaking project, the project profile and the specification of the submodel can be found here.

Teilmodell Spezifikation:

The InterOpera project partners include the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and the Standardization Council Industrie 4.0 supported by the VDE DKE.

For more information, visit the InterOpera website (available in German only).