iiRDS MythBusters: Share your experiences with us!

23.08.2023 11:50 Uhr

The speakers of the presentation "iiRDS MythBusters" at the tcworld conference 2023 need your support. We are collecting questions and experiences about iiRDS.


In this talk "iiRDS MythBusters" on November 15, facts and myths around iiRDS should be aired. Your experiences are needed. What questions about iiRDS are burning under your nails? What (unexpected) realizations have you had when implementing or using iiRDS? Have you had interesting or funny conversations with business partners about iiRDS? Which assumptions about iiRDS have been confirmed, and which have been disproved?

Our Consortium member Empolis is looking forward to your impressions and experiences with iiRDS as background material for their presentation. Either respond to the LinkedIn post or get in touch with Susanne at the iiRDS Office.