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How the iiRDS Consortium operates

The members of the iiRDS Consortium, diverse in their expertise and interests, contribute their knowledge to the multifaceted potential of iiRDS – because the goal is to consistently establish and expand the standard in various areas. Three main directions for further development, which have been transferred to three working groups, have emerged here:

Development Working Group

In the "Development" working group, the functions of the standard are continuously reviewed for functionality and usefulness. A selected team of experts maintains and extends both the specification and the ontology, as well as the industry-specific different manifestations of the ontology. So far, iiRDS exists for the three domains "core", "machinery" and "software".

Convener: Mark Schubert, parson AG

Tools – Validation – Content Working Group

The "Tools – Validation – Content" working group has set itself the goal of clarifying how the standard works and making it easier for interested parties to get started with iiRDS. For this purpose, concrete sample content for the fictitious fan "PI-Fan" was published in 2019. As the iiRDS Sample Content, this exemplifies how typical information for use can be tagged with standardized metadata. This is also where the iiRDS Open Toolkit was created, which enables users to enrich their own content with metadata in just a few steps and create iiRDS-compliant packages from it. In November 2022, the iiRDS Validation Tool was released to validate generated iiRDS packages. 

Convener: Dr. Achim Steinacker, Empolis Intelligent Views GmbH

Standards Working Group

The focus of the "Standards" working group is to be active in national and international standardization bodies in order to be able to convert iiRDS into an international standard. For example, TC3 of the IEC has a revised draft of a "Publicly Available Specification" (PAS), the acceptance of which would represent a major step into the world of standardization.
The content addresses a model of the information flow and also recommends the minimum metadata requirements for an iiRDS-compliant package. Furthermore, iiRDS achieved being listed in the "Maintenance" chapter of the German Standardization Roadmap, Industry 4.0, a joint project of DIN, DKE and the Standardization Council 4.0.

Convener: Dr. Michael Fritz, tekom

Request Part Sub-working Group

The focus of the "Request Part" sub-working group is to define the request use cases and results as well as the requirements enabling request processes with iiRDS. The aim is to develop the request part of iiRDS for example with the help of the development of a corresponding API.

Coordinator: Dr. Harald Stadlbauer, Ninefeb

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